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250+ Hashtags and Days of Observance for Your 2023 Social Media Calendar

As a content marketer on social media, it’s imperative that you effectively communicate a brand mission, brand voice, and tone through social media content. Beyond content creation, it’s also essential to integrate content with relevant conversations that are already happening on social media. Of course, there are trending topics that can assist you in staying aligned with the things that matter to your audience. However, that content is often in real-time, keeping you reactive to content creation and constantly chasing the trends.

As you dabble in the fun of trending topics, also consider researching, planning, and implementing content that aligns with the things that matter most to your ideal audience. You can do this with socially relevant holidays and days of observance that connect your brand to conversations on social media that amplify your profile's visibility.

Social media management consists of two critical components: strategy and execution. Participating in trending topics falls under execution while preparing and scheduling content for socially relevant holidays incorporates strategy in your proactive outreach.

Before diving into the 2023 daily days of observance, we’re also including monthly and weekly themes that can assist you in creating focused campaigns around timeframes that matter for your brand and audience.

Monthly themes build a hyper-focused approach to your days of observance in your messaging while joining in on a relevant topic on social media. While batch-planning your content, incorporate the monthly theme into your messaging and add the official hashtag to your list of hashtags for the month.

While monthly themes provide an opportunity for full integration into your content writing calendar, the weekly observances can help you formulate a more real-time, engaging approach that gives you more than a day of proactive community management and outreach.

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January 2023 social media hashtags and holidays

Themes for the month of January:

Weeks of observance in January:

  • International World Braille Day Week: January 4 14

  • Martin Luther King’s celebration of Human Rights Week: January 16 20

January 2023 Hashtag calendar:

February 2023 social media hashtags and holidays

Themes for the month of February:

Weeks of observance in February:

  • Women’s Heart Week: February 1-7

  • International Networking Week: February 6-12

  • African Heritage & Health Week: February 7-13

  • National Entrepreneurship Week: February 11-18

  • American Association for The Advancement of Science Week: February 12-15

  • Freelance Writer Appreciation Week: February 12-18

  • Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 14-20

February 2023 Hashtag calendar:

March 2023 social media hashtags and holidays

Themes for the month of March:

Weeks of observance in March:

  • Food Waste Action Week: March 6-12

  • Shakespeare Week: March 20-26

March 2023 Hashtag calendar:

April 2023 social media hashtags and holidays

Themes for the month of April:

Weeks of observance in April:

  • Ramadan: March 22 – April 21

April 2023 Hashtag calendar: