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Social Media Industry News- January 2024



Social Media Platform News and Updates for JANUARY 2024

Happy New Year to you all! With the new year comes new expectations for businesses and marketers. Embark on a journey through the latest social media shifts! Meta takes a surprising turn, Instagram unveils trends, and LinkedIn boosts creators. Snapchat pioneers Bitmoji makeup, WhatsApp introduces novel features, and YouTube reshapes its podcast landscape. Uncover the buzz on your favorite platforms, delving into the dynamic updates shaping your digital interactions. Happy reading!

Social media updates for Meta

  • Meta's Cross-App Messaging Update: Meta has quietly announced a new update that removes cross-app messaging between Facebook and Instagram accounts. As of mid-December 2023, users will no longer be able to chat with Facebook accounts on Instagram. Existing cross-app chats will become read-only. This move seems contradictory to Meta's broader messaging integration plan, possibly influenced by the upcoming clause in the EU Digital Markets Act, which mandates interoperability for large messaging apps.

  • Meta's Generative AI Features for Holidays: Meta has introduced several generative AI features, including expanding access to its "Imagine" text-to-image tool and making chat personas of virtual characters available to more users. The update includes real-time discovery via Bing, AI systems recommending Reels in chat, and various smaller AI tweaks. While these features offer creative possibilities, there's concern about the potential reduction in genuine human engagement due to AI-generated responses.

  • Emplifi's Analysis on Instagram Reels: Emplifi's video performance analysis suggests that for 2024 content strategies, incorporating longer Instagram Reels videos is beneficial. Longer Reels outperformed shorter ones and surpassed TikTok in view counts for brand content. Despite this, brands still tend to post more Stories than Reels on Instagram, highlighting a potential gap in aligning content strategies with evolving platform trends.

  • Threads' Dedicated Domain: Threads, the messaging app, now has a separate domain from Instagram, making it easier for users to track referral traffic from Threads posts. This change allows social media managers to analyze Threads' performance within their analytics tools.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Newsletter Updates: LinkedIn has announced new updates to its newsletter tools, with a significant rise in newsletter readership, surpassing 500 million total subscriptions. The updates include duplicate draft templates for streamlined creation, enhanced newsletter analytics with performance insights and demographics, and improvements to article preview display and author switching functionality. These updates aim to provide more convenience and customization options for newsletter creators on LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn's Focus on Creators and Engagement: LinkedIn has renamed its "LinkedIn for Creators" profile to "LinkedIn Guide to Creating," emphasizing a shift towards guiding creators within the platform. The change reflects user feedback and a focus on content that helps users drive engaging conversations, carve out niches, and invest in themselves. With LinkedIn experiencing increased engagement, the platform aims to provide valuable content and tips to help users maximize their presence.

  • LinkedIn Learning Enhancements with Generative AI: LinkedIn is integrating generative AI elements into its education tools as part of LinkedIn Learning expansion. The new coaching element uses generative AI to guide users' learning journeys based on specific career-related queries. LinkedIn is also introducing new learning modules, gamifying the learning process, and providing course recommendations based on job preferences to help users align their skills with career goals. The focus on LinkedIn Learning aligns with the platform's goal of becoming a key hub for career education. 

Social media updates for Instagram

  • Instagram's 2024 Trend Talk: Instagram has released a "2024 Trend Talk" outlining key trends based on a survey with WGSN. In the "Social Media" category, meaningful connections are predicted to be a priority, with Gen Z users using social media to stay connected with friends and family. The report also covers trends in fashion, lifestyle, dating, and more. 

  • Instagram's "Hype" Option for Stories: Instagram is testing a new "Hype" option in Stories that allows users to post comments visible to others viewing the Story. This feature aims to encourage more interaction and direct engagement within Stories. Instagram has been focusing on enhancing direct engagement tools and features.

  • Instagram's "Add Yours" Templates: Instagram now allows users to create reusable "Add Yours" templates in Stories, enabling custom quizzes and prompts. Users can pin GIFs, text, and gallery images to a Story template, encouraging creativity and interaction. This feature provides a new way for users to engage with each other on the platform.

Social media updates for Pinterest

  • Pinterest Predicts 2024 Trends: Pinterest has released its "Pinterest Predicts" trend report, offering insights into rising trends based on app search activity and internal analysis. The report covers trends such as "Western Gothic," "Hot Metals," "Blue Beauty," and more across various categories. The aim is to help marketers identify opportunities for strategic planning on the platform. 

Social media updates for Twitter

  • X's Focus on Smaller Brands and Revised SMB Plan: X is shifting its focus to smaller brands and niche businesses after facing challenges with larger advertisers. The platform is developing a lower-priced tier of its Verification for Organizations package to attract more brands. The revised plan aims to encourage subscriptions and reduce reliance on ad revenue. X is also testing a new "Allow Incognito" setting for Spaces hosts to control whether non-logged-in and private users can join audio discussions.

  • X Integration with StreamYard for Livestreams: X has announced an integration with StreamYard, a live stream management platform, allowing X comments to be displayed in streams via StreamYard. This move aligns with X's efforts to promote game streams and enhance its live streaming capabilities. The integration with StreamYard aims to provide more tools for customizing and maximizing X live streams.

  • X's Media Tab Grid Display Format: X has introduced a new grid display format for the "Media" tab on user profiles, offering a visual grid of video and image uploads instead of a list. The feature is gradually rolling out, accompanied by upcoming filters for specific media types and engagement levels. The change aims to make navigating and discovering content on X profiles easier for users.

Social media updates for TikTok

  • ByteDance's AI Chatbot Customization Platform: TikTok owner ByteDance is set to launch a platform for AI chatbot customization, following the trend of integrating generative AI into apps. This platform enables users, particularly brands, to create custom AI bots to improve customer service and answer queries. While previous attempts by platforms like Meta in 2016 did not gain traction, the growing popularity of ChatGPT and similar systems indicates potential interest in customized AI bots.

  • TikTok's UI Update for Larger Screens: TikTok is rolling out a new update to adapt its UI for larger screens, specifically tablets and foldable devices. The reformatted app offers a clearer video feed, streamlined navigation bars, and supports both landscape and portrait viewing. This update aims to enhance the TikTok experience on larger platforms, potentially reaching a broader audience.

  • TikTok's Desktop-Based Creator Tools:  TikTok is introducing desktop-based creator tools, including a new Creator Center UI for better analytics insights and updated discovery tools. The new analytics UI provides a full-screen layout for improved content performance and audience response analysis. Additionally, TikTok has enhanced its Creative Center with a conversational chatbot guide, making it easier for creators to access insights and relevant tools from their desktop PCs.

Social media updates for Reddit

  • Reddit Conversation Placement Ads Update: Reddit introduces new formats, Carousel Ads and Product Ads within Conversation Placement, aiming to enhance advertisers' ability to reach engaged Reddit users. Product Ads target users in research mode, actively discussing with others and providing opportunities for brands to showcase relevant products. With a redesigned format, Carousel Ads demonstrated a 44% increase in click-through rate during testing. These updates aim to leverage Reddit's unique community-driven engagement for advertisers. 

  • Reddit CES 2024 Activation: Reddit announces its CES 2024 activation, "The Key to Context," highlighting its role in contextual and interest-based advertising. The event focuses on showcasing Reddit's unique ability to create contextually relevant brand opportunities by immersing marketers in the fabric of Reddit communities. The activation explores the power of search and community in creating relevant environments for effective advertising.

  • Reddit Recap 2023: Reddit unveils its annual Recap, offering users a personalized experience highlighting their 2023 journey on the platform. This year, a new addition, Community Recaps, highlights top posts, comments, and visitors unique to specific subreddits. Users can access their personal recap by tapping the banana icon, providing an entertaining way to reflect on their Reddit experiences. 

Social media updates for Snapchat

  • Snapchat's Bitmoji Makeup Drop: Snapchat introduces its first Bitmoji makeup drop in collaboration with e.l.f. Users can apply the latest lipstick shades to their Bitmoji avatars and virtually try on different colors. This move aligns with the metaverse trend and aims to influence real-world shopping behaviors. 

  • Snapchat+ Generative AI Additions: Snapchat+ introduces new generative AI features, including text prompt-based image creation, an outcropping feature, and collaborative AI images via the "Dreams" feature. These updates aim to enhance the value of Snapchat+ and attract more subscribers to the paid offering. 

  • Snapchat's Pitch to Auto Marketers: Snapchat targets auto marketers, revealing that 54% of Snap users are actively considering a vehicle purchase or lease in the next year. Snapchatters are 1.5 times more likely to actively search for a car than non-Snapchatters. The platform presents opportunities for auto brands to reach a captive, engaged audience. 

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp's Pinned Chats Feature: WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to pin a message or message element within a chat, keeping it listed at the top of the chat window for easy reference. Users can pin a chat for 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days, providing a convenient way to prioritize important discussions or reminders within the WhatsApp stream. The feature is available for both one-on-one chats and groups, with group admins having control over who can pin chats.

  • WhatsApp's View Once Voice Messages: WhatsApp has expanded its "View Once" feature to voice messages, allowing users to send voice messages that disappear once listened to. Similar to View Once photos and videos, these voice messages are marked with a "one-time" icon and can only be played once. The feature aims to add an extra layer of privacy to voice messages, and recipients cannot take screenshots or save the disappearing content. The View Once voice messages feature is rolling out globally over the coming days.

  • WhatsApp Web Status Update Posting: WhatsApp is testing a new feature in its web version that allows users to post status updates directly from WhatsApp Web. Currently in beta testing, this feature enables users to share status updates using the web GUI, saving the hassle of transferring media to the primary smartphone. It expands the convenience of posting updates to various devices with web browser access. The beta version is expected to reach more testers soon. 

Social media updates for YouTube

  • YouTube Podcast Migration and Updates: YouTube announces plans to discontinue Google Podcasts in the US, offering a migration tool for users to move their subscriptions to YouTube Music. The move aims to integrate music and podcasts, providing a centralized podcast destination. YouTube has been improving the podcast experience with features like improved listening, discovery options, auto downloads, and better integration support. 

  • YouTube Mobile App "You" Tab: YouTube introduces a new "You" tab in its main app, offering users centralized access to account features and personal information. This tab allows users to manage multiple accounts, view watch history, playlists, uploaded or saved videos, and access other account settings. The feature enhances user experience, making it easier for viewers to personalize their content consumption.

  • YouTube Creator Updates: YouTube is rolling out a "For You" section on creators' channel home pages, recommending videos based on individual watch history. Creators can customize the layout and settings of this algorithmic recommendation shelf. Additionally, YouTube introduces a simplified creation flow for Community posts on the mobile app, aiming to make it easier for creators to share updates and engage with their audience. 

  • YouTube Revenue Analytics and YPP Expansion: YouTube enhances membership analytics, giving creators more visibility into membership performance. The update includes new analytics cards and insights, offering data on total members and sources of membership joins.


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