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Social Media Industry News- May 2024


Social Media Platform News and Updates for MAY 2024

Explore the latest social media developments this month! Meta reinforces child safety measures and marks a decade of VR innovation. LinkedIn introduces Premium Company Pages, while WhatsApp and Instagram unveil new features. Twitter launches a TV app, and TikTok navigates EU scrutiny. Snapchat adds watermarks for transparency, and YouTube expands podcast and shopping tools and introduces a "Most Relevant" filter. Stay updated on the evolving social landscape with our comprehensive blog. Happy reading! 

Social media updates for Meta

  • Safeguarding Children Online: Meta commits to new AI principles to combat generative AI misuse for child exploitation, partnering with Thorn and All Tech is Human. The "Safety by Design" initiative aims to source data and invest in research responsibly. Meta's move underscores its dedication to child safety and ethical AI development.

  • A Decade of Virtual Innovation: Meta celebrates a decade of VR innovation since acquiring Oculus, despite ongoing financial losses. From Oculus to Quest VR headsets and Horizon VR social experiences, Meta advances Zuckerberg's vision for immersive computing. The company's long-term commitment to AR and VR reflects its dedication to future tech.

  • Transparency in AI: Meta updates AI content labeling to detect and disclose synthetic content, addressing the rise of AI-generated posts. The policy includes "Made with AI" labels and informative disclosures to educate users about altered content. Meta's initiative aims to raise awareness and mitigate risks associated with AI-generated media.

  • Threads Surpasses X in Daily Active Users in the U.S. Market: Meta's Twitter clone, Threads, has seen a steady rise in daily active users, surpassing X in the U.S. market based on recent data from Apptopia. While X maintains a larger user base globally, Threads' growing popularity in the U.S. suggests potential challenges for X's dominance in real-time social platforms. Meta's focus on building a more engaging user experience and its emphasis on positive content interactions could contribute to Threads' continued growth and competition with X. 

Social media updates for LinkedIn

  • Elevate Your Brand Presence: LinkedIn introduces Premium Company Pages, offering enhanced features for businesses to boost their presence. From custom CTAs to AI-powered post assistance, the subscription targets SMBs, signaling LinkedIn's push for brand visibility. 

  • Collaborate and Engage: LinkedIn introduces a shortcut to contribute expertise to Collaborative Articles, aiming to boost user engagement. The feature rewards contributors with a "Community Top Voice" badge, driving credibility and fostering community interaction.

  • Trust in Recruitment: LinkedIn introduces verification badges for recruiters, enhancing confidence and authenticity in job outreach. Recruiters can now verify their identity, reassuring users and combating recruitment scams. 

Social media updates for Instagram

  • Monetize Your Passion: Instagram celebrates over 2 million creator subscriptions, offering new tools for creators to engage their paying fans. From sticker tap insights to subscription stories teasers, Instagram aims to enhance the creator experience and revenue potential. 

  • Retro Vibes at Coachella: Instagram introduces "Frames" sticker, transforming photos into Polaroids, in collaboration with Coachella 2024. The new sticker features a "shake to reveal" functionality, adding a nostalgic touch to Stories and enhancing user engagement. 

  • Safeguarding Online Interactions: Instagram implements measures to combat sextortion scams, including blurring potentially explicit DMs for users under 18. With additional warnings and technological advancements, Instagram aims to protect users, especially teens, from online exploitation. 

Social media updates for X (Twitter)

  • Twitter's Video-First Approach Takes Shape with Dedicated TV App: Twitter, now rebranded as X, is making strides towards becoming a video-first platform with the preview of its new dedicated app for X videos on smart TVs. The app aims to provide users with easy access to video content uploaded to X, leveraging advanced AI systems to highlight trending videos. 

  • X to Introduce Minimalistic UI with New Action Controls: X is moving towards a more minimalistic UI design, intending to streamline user interactions by replacing reply, like, and re-share buttons with new action controls. The updated UI will feature swipe gestures for liking and replying to posts, aiming to enhance the user experience and aesthetic appeal of the app. While the changes may result in reduced user activity initially, they align with X's vision for a simpler, more intuitive platform.

  • Elon Musk's Diversionary Tactics: Elon Musk, amidst various controversies surrounding his companies and personal endeavors, hints at bringing back Vine, an idea he has floated since taking over Twitter. Although Vine's potential revival may not be as groundbreaking as anticipated, it serves as another attention-diverting tactic for Musk despite potential monetization challenges and the platform's past collapse.

Social media updates for TikTok

  • TikTok's "AI-moji" Integration: TikTok introduces "AI-moji," allowing users to create cartoonish avatars for stickers by scanning their faces, a feature similar to existing avatar options on other platforms. Despite the novelty of AI integration, it remains questionable how distinct TikTok's offering is compared to established avatar features. Nonetheless, it adds another layer of engagement to the platform as TikTok continues to explore AI integration.

  • TikTok's EU Headache: TikTok faces scrutiny in Europe as officials launch an investigation into its rewards program, prompting the suspension of TikTok Lite's reward scheme. The move follows concerns that the program could exacerbate app addiction, potentially leading to fines and highlighting TikTok's regulatory challenges beyond the U.S. sell-off bill. Despite the setback, TikTok navigates regulatory hurdles as it strives to maintain its user base amid ongoing challenges.

  • Taylor Swift's Limited Return to TikTok: While some of Taylor Swift's songs return to TikTok, courtesy of a possible separate deal, broader licensing issues persist between TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG accuses TikTok of offering inadequate compensation, reflecting broader tensions over music licensing in the social media landscape. As negotiations continue, TikTok balances its role as a music discovery platform while addressing artists' compensation concerns.

Social media updates for Snapchat

  • Snapchat Adds Watermark to AI-Generated Content for Transparency: Snapchat has introduced a new watermark, a custom ghost icon, to images generated within the app using its generative AI features. This watermark aims to provide transparency about the origin of the images, signaling that they are not real or based on real events. 

  • Snapchat has updated its AI features and rules: This is to ensure users understand the nature of AI-generated content and how it should be shared. These measures seek to address concerns about the misuse and potential misinformation associated with AI-generated content. 

  • Snapchat Introduces AR Try-On Experience with Cartier Campaign: Snapchat has launched a new AR Try-On experience in collaboration with Cartier, allowing users to virtually try on the latest Cartier "Trinity" ring and visualize how it looks on their own hand. This immersive experience leverages advanced technologies like Ray Tracing and Hand Tracking to provide a realistic simulation of the ring on the user's finger.

  • Snapchat Partners with Data Tools to Enhance Ad Campaign Performance: Snapchat has announced new partnerships with third-party data tools and ad platforms to empower ad partners in optimizing their Snapchat campaigns. Collaborations with companies like Snowflake and AppsFlyer aim to streamline targeting, measurement, and analytics capabilities for advertisers on the platform. 

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp's UI Updates: WhatsApp introduces UI changes, including a bottom tab switcher and persistent search bar, aiming to enhance navigation and user experience. Alongside swipeable tab navigation, the update features smaller tweaks, such as relocating the search bar, to improve usability and accessibility for users.

  • Enhanced Message Pinning on WhatsApp: WhatsApp rolls out support for pinning multiple messages in conversations, expanding from the previous limit of one pinned message. This update allows users to pin up to three messages per chat, visible to all participants, with a 30-day expiration period to manage clutter and prioritize important information.

  • WhatsApp's Favorite Contacts Management: WhatsApp is developing a feature to help users manage favorite contacts conveniently, potentially introducing a dedicated "Favorites" section in the app's main settings menu. Details are scarce, but the update aims to streamline the process of marking and organizing preferred contacts for easier access and communication.

Social media updates for YouTube

  • YouTube's Podcast Expansion: YouTube highlights its commitment to podcast discovery, revealing insights into its efforts to enhance the podcast consumption experience on YouTube Music. With features like background play, downloads, and customizable playlists, YouTube aims to foster a vibrant podcast scene while leveraging its recommendation algorithms to connect creators with new audiences.

  • YouTube's Shopping Updates for Creators: YouTube introduces new features to empower creators in the realm of shopping, including Shopping Collections for curated product showcases and an Affiliate Hub for accessing partner offers and commissions. Additionally, creators can now tag products across multiple videos at once and integrate platforms like Fourthwall to streamline their shopping experiences.

  • YouTube's New 'Most Relevant' Filter: YouTube introduces a new "Most Relevant" filter for the subscription feed, aiming to help users manage their time amidst endless content options. The filter offers personalized recommendations based on the subscription feed, providing a curated experience for users looking to optimize their viewing. Learn more on Creator Insider. 


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