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Social Media Industry News- December 2023


Social Media Platform News and Updates for DECEMBER 2023

Embark on a journey through the latest in social media evolution! Meta leads with groundbreaking AI ventures, unveiling "Emu Video" and "Emu Edit," promising inventive possibilities on Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, LinkedIn empowers health professionals with enhanced tools, and TikTok introduces "Artist Accounts" to amplify music discovery. Discover the pulse of these dynamic platforms as we delve into the realms of innovative features, strategic shifts, and enticing opportunities. From Meta's creative toolbox to LinkedIn's AI-powered Sales Navigator and TikTok's call for longer-form content, this update is a gateway for marketers and creators into the ever-evolving social media landscape. Dive into the wave of change and unlock the potential that awaits across Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and beyond.

Social media updates for Meta

Meta showcases two generative AI projects, "Emu Video" and "Emu Edit," based on its "Emu" AI research. "Emu Video" enables users to create video clips from text prompts or images, with promising results in terms of quality and faithfulness to the prompt. Meanwhile, "Emu Edit" facilitates custom visual edits based on conversational prompts, simplifying the editing process. These tools are expected to offer new creative possibilities on Facebook and Instagram soon.

As of December 13, Facebook is eliminating its "Hobbies" listings from user profiles to streamline display options. This feature was introduced in 2019 and allowed users to add hobbies to their profiles, connecting them with others who shared similar interests. The removal may have a minor impact, but users are urged to download associated data before it disappears in a couple of weeks.

Meta introduces a toggle in Threads that allows users to opt out of displaying their Threads posts in highlight modules on Facebook and Instagram. This update responds to user concerns about privacy and integrating Threads with other platforms. The opt-out toggle is gradually rolling out to users, providing more control over the visibility of Threads content.

Meta announces an upcoming option to switch off read receipts for direct messages (DMs) on Instagram and other messaging tools. Users will have control over when "Read" and "Seen" indicators appear, addressing concerns about response times and potential feelings of neglect. The toggle is undergoing initial testing, with a broader rollout planned in the near future.

Meta introduces new incentives within its creator offerings, including expanded digital gifts, a holiday bonus program, and more ways to promote accounts. Creators can now receive digital gifts on Instagram in additional regions, with seasonal-themed virtual gifts on Facebook. The Holiday Bonus program rewards top creators based on Reels plays and photo views during the bonus period. Meta also adds features like a "Subscribe" button, free subscription trials, and guidance for creators to optimize content for ad partnerships.

Instagram announces that all users can now download publicly posted Reels, expanding a feature initially rolled out to U.S. users in June. Creators can enable or disable downloads of their clips, and downloaded Reels will bear an Instagram logo and the creator's handle. While facilitating content sharing, this update may lead to increased reposting on platforms like TikTok, potentially impacting reach due to branding restrictions.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

LinkedIn adds new tools to assist health professionals in finding the right job roles. Updates include enhanced job search filters, additional job preferences, and "Top Skills" highlights for health sector profiles. These tools aim to facilitate job discovery for health professionals and highlight the platform's growth in the healthcare sector. LinkedIn emphasizes its commitment to providing valuable features for various professional sectors.

LinkedIn enhances its Sales Navigator platform with two AI-powered features, "Account IQ" and "Relationship Map," designed to help marketers identify viable prospects. "Account IQ" provides an overview of specific businesses using generative AI, blending LinkedIn first-party data with third-party data. "Relationship Map" offers a visual representation of buyer hierarchies within organizations, aiding in understanding relationships and opportunities. These additions aim to provide marketers with deeper insights and more effective engagement strategies.

LinkedIn announces the removal of carousel posts, profile videos, and in-image linking options starting December 14, 2023. Previously posted carousels will be deleted, and clickable links within images or videos will no longer work. LinkedIn attributes the removal to low user interest. Users can contact LinkedIn before December 11 to request a copy of their profile video or files from carousel posts.

Social media updates for Pinterest

Pinterest rolls out a live test of body type search filters, allowing users to find images aligning with their body shape. The search filter provides a range of body models to choose from, enhancing inclusivity in search results. This feature complements Pinterest's existing skin tone and hair type matching tools, aiming to counter negative comparisons and promote a broader range of body models in platform content.

Pinterest enhances its direct linking options, allowing brands to drive more focused, direct traffic from Pins and Pin ads. The platform extends direct links to include consideration and conversion campaigns across image and video formats. Direct links streamline the customer journey, leading to increased outbound click-through rates and decreased costs. Brands can guide Pin traffic to specific pages, improving responsiveness and conversion rates.

Pinterest releases a report highlighting its value for promoting luxury brands, focusing on engagement with high-end fashion. The platform is seen as a positive space for consumer brands, and its user base under 35 is driving growth in the luxury goods market. Pinterest users spend more on luxury items, are receptive to luxury advertising, and use the platform for research and discovery, making it a valuable space for luxury brands to connect with a receptive audience.

Social media updates for X (Twitter)

Amid ongoing controversies, X introduces a job search feature enabling users to discover listed roles within the platform. Despite functionality, there are apprehensions regarding the broad and potentially unrelated search results.

X confronts a series of challenges stemming from controversies, resulting in ad boycotts, an FTC fine, and increased scrutiny of its ad formats. Elon Musk's steadfast approach amidst declining revenue prompts uncertainties about the future viability of X.

Elon Musk announces a reversal in X's decision to remove URL previews, reinstating post headlines. This move is aimed at addressing user confusion and enhancing the overall experience on the platform.

Social media updates for TikTok

TikTok introduces "Artist Accounts," providing musicians with tools to enhance their presence on the platform. The feature includes an "Artist" tag for profiles, a dedicated music tab, and the ability to highlight tracks before and after release. Musicians can also create "Behind the Song" clips for better engagement. With TikTok's increasing role in music discovery, this update aims to strengthen the platform's position as a key destination for promoting and discovering music.

TikTok is addressing creator monetization concerns by encouraging longer-form content. The platform hosted an event in October, urging creators to produce videos at least a minute long to increase revenue opportunities. By embracing longer videos, creators can earn revenue through ad shares similar to YouTube. TikTok aims to reshape user behavior toward longer content, aligning with its evolution from a social network to an entertainment app.

TikTok launches "Creative Cards," offering data-backed prompts to inspire business-related content on the platform. The deck includes over 100 digital cards with prompts related to community growth, education, creator tools, trends, and storytelling. Businesses can use these prompts to keep their content fresh and attract attention to seasonal products and gift ideas, providing a valuable resource for those seeking to establish a presence on TikTok.

Social media updates for Reddit

Reddit is undergoing a brand makeover to reflect its evolving user base better. The changes include bespoke typefaces (Reddit Display and Reddit Sans), a new conversation bubble visual element, and expanded colors representing various Reddit communities. The logo and Snoo, Reddit's mascot, have also been updated to be more dynamic and expressive. The goal is to make Reddit's brand more consistent, identifiable, and accessible globally.

Reddit provides an update on its internationalization efforts three years after opening its London office. The platform has seen significant growth outside the US, with double-digit growth in Daily Active Users (DAUq) and around 20% of advertising revenue from international advertisers. To further its internationalization strategy, Reddit announces the appointment of Durgesh Kaushik as VP of International Growth, focusing on making Reddit more accessible, localized, and culturally relevant globally.

Reddit introduces two new ad formats, Carousel Ads and Product Ads, within its Conversation Placement, aiming to enhance user engagement and advertiser value. Product Ads cater to user recommendations, providing relevant product information when users are actively discussing and researching. Carousel Ads are redesigned for a more visually compelling experience, allowing advertisers to showcase up to six images or GIFs. The updates aim to drive stronger, full-funnel performance for advertisers within Reddit's conversation threads.

Social media updates for Snapchat

Snapchat tests a more expensive Snapchat+ subscription tier, priced at $15.99 AUD per month, to offer an ad-free in-app experience. The new tier removes Story and Lens ads, aligning with evolving data privacy regulations in the EU. Snap aims to explore user willingness to pay for an ad-free experience and comply with EU regulations. Similar initiatives are being tested by other platforms, including Meta, X, and TikTok, as a response to EU requirements around data usage.

Snapchat introduces new AR features at its Lens Fest 2023 event, including Lens Studio 5.0 Beta. The updated Lens Studio offers performance improvements, enhanced 3D modeling tools, and collaboration options. Snap collaborates with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT Remote API into Lenses, providing new learning, conversational, and creative experiences. Snapchat also expands digital goods creation tools and shares growth stats for Lens Studio, which hosts over 330,000 AR creators.

According to studies conducted by Mindshare and Alter Agents, Snapchat emerges as the top social media platform associated with joy. The research analyzes how different platforms fulfill consumer needs and the emotions related to social apps, providing a positive space for brands to connect with consumers. Snap emphasizes the positive emotions elicited by ads on Snapchat and how users perceive brands on the platform.

Social media updates for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called "Secret Code" to enhance privacy for sensitive conversations. With Secret Code, users can set a unique password different from their phone's unlock code, providing additional protection for locked chats. Users can also hide the Locked Chats folder from the chat list and access it only by entering the secret code in the search bar. This feature aims to improve privacy within the app, and it will be rolled out globally in the coming months.

WhatsApp has launched a new feature called "WhatsApp Flows" for the WhatsApp Business Platform, allowing businesses to create custom experiences within the chat box. WhatsApp Flows enables brands to provide interactive and personalized experiences without users needing to visit external websites or download additional apps. It includes customizable building blocks, such as "Sign Up," "Contact Us," "Book Now," and "Get Quote," streamlining interactions with customers. The feature has already shown success for brands like Sefamerve and Lenovo, offering increased conversions and engagement.

Meta has launched the Conversions API for business messaging, allowing businesses to connect data from WhatsApp, Messenger, and soon Instagram to power Click to Message ads. Conversions API creates a direct and reliable connection between marketing data and Meta platforms, providing a unified integration for data from websites, apps, CRMs, stores, and WhatsApp business threads. The tool helps businesses understand the value of Click to Message ads, improve advertising performance, and simplify omnichannel data set-up, ultimately driving sales and creating efficient workflows.

Social media updates for YouTube

YouTube announces updates tailored for teens, prioritizing safety and wellbeing. The platform collaborates with youth, parenting, and mental health experts to implement measures such as limiting repeated recommendations on certain sensitive topics. Additional features include revamped Take a Break reminders, crisis resource panels, and partnerships with organizations like the World Health Organization for industry-wide resources on teen online wellbeing. YouTube aims to create age-appropriate and safer experiences, with ongoing efforts to support teen mental health.

YouTube updates its Premium offering with experimental AI features, promotional offers, enhanced video quality, and seamless cross-device viewing. Premium members gain early access to conversational AI and AI-driven comment organization. Promotional offers include in-game loot bundles, trial memberships, and more. The enhanced 1080p HD video quality is extended to Android, Web, and smart TVs. The platform introduces Premium Badges to showcase member achievements.

YouTube shares early AI music experiments developed in collaboration with Google DeepMind. The Dream Track experiment, powered by DeepMind's Lyria model, enables artists like Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato, and others to collaborate with creators in producing AI-generated soundtracks for YouTube Shorts. The goal is to explore how AI can deepen connections between artists and fans. The experiment involves nine artists and a select group of US creators.


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