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Social Media Industry News- July 2023


Social Media Platform News and Updates for JULY 2023

Businesses are striving to stay ahead of the competition to serve their consumers better, and you should do the same. This competition is altering the social environment quickly, and as our tradition demands, we've compiled a retinue of fresh, crucial information to keep you informed and inspire your imagination. Have you ticked all the boxes? Have you heard of these? Did you plan on them? What will you change in your marketing strategy now that we are here? Think about them while you read!

Social media updates for Meta

Social media updates for LinkedIn

Social media updates for Instagram

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Social media updates for Twitter

  • Only Twitter Blue users will be able to send DM requests to people who are not following them, according to new limits Twitter is considering putting in place. In other words, Twitter's new DM limits would prevent users who aren't signed up for Twitter Blue from sending a DM to someone who isn't currently following them on the app.

  • When tweet editing was first introduced in October of last year, Twitter Blue subscribers were only given a half-hour to modify their tweets; now, they have one hour. You'll have twice as much time to think about your message or to reply to reader criticism, which will offer you more chances to notice any problems.

  • Twitter has now increased the maximum character limit for tweets once again, allowing Blue users to send 25,000 characters in a single message. All Twitter Blue customers now have access to the feature that allows you to insert inline photos into your lengthy tweets on Twitter. As a result, you can now write tweets that look like blog posts and include images in the text.

Social media updates for TikTok

Social media updates for Reddit

Social media updates for Snapchat

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp is introducing the option to follow accounts other than your personal contacts, similar to Twitter. "Channels" would allow users to receive information from their favorite sports teams, government leaders, and other authorities.

  • WhatsApp Channels is Meta's most recent effort in the Direct Messaging area, which will let users of the messaging service get DMs on subjects of interest or follow certain artists. By introducing new options for people and companies to reach broader audiences inside their messaging streams and enabling more direct engagement with friends and followers, Meta exhibits its readiness to take advantage of the DM trend.

  • Without a Facebook account, small companies using the WhatsApp Business app may now run advertising that link to WhatsApp. This will enable the numerous small businesses operating exclusively through WhatsApp to design, buy, and post a Facebook or Instagram ad from within the WhatsApp Business app. However, the WhatsApp Business app will charge a premium for this sophisticated and optional sort of messaging. It's important to note also that WhatsApp raised the cost of corporate communications starting June 1, 2023. Businesses can start up to 250 conversation threads since they will only be paid based on conversations. The cost varies according to the message's content.

Social media updates for YouTube

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