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Social Media Industry News- June 2024


Social Media Platform News and Updates for JUNE 2024

Hey guys, welcome to another month's social media industry update. We know these constant changes in the social space always keep you on your toes. Still, it's exciting because it takes away monotony from the job! Now, with YouTube launching "Playables," offering in-app games to boost user engagement, Reddit partnering with OpenAI to integrate its content into AI tools, enhancing user interactions and platform features, and even LinkedIn making strides by introducing in-app games based on logic puzzles to engage its user base, there's no telling what's to come. Quickly dive in and get updated on these key changes to leverage new opportunities in your social media strategies.

Social media updates for Meta

  • Meta's Enhanced Generative AI Tools for Advertisers Meta is introducing more generative AI tools for advertisers, enhancing text and image generation capabilities, and integrating these features within Ads Manager under the Advantage+ creative tab. These updates include full image variations based on original ad creatives, alternative ad text variations, and text overlays with various font options. The enhanced tools aim to provide more creative flexibility, maintain product centrality in displays, and align with high-performing ad formats on Facebook and Instagram.

  • EU Investigation into Meta Under the Digital Services Act The EU Commission has launched a formal investigation into Meta's compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA), focusing on protections for minors on Facebook and Instagram. Concerns include the potential for behavioral addictions in children due to algorithmic influences and the adequacy of age-assurance and verification methods. Meta, which faces significant penalties for non-compliance, has expressed its commitment to cooperating with the EU to address these issues.

  • Meta's Automated Video Ads in Catalog Product Ads Meta is expanding its Catalog Product Ads to include video assets, enhancing the engagement potential of these ads across Reels, Feed, and Stories. Advertisers can now upload product videos, leveraging Meta's AI to target ideal users and drive conversions. This move aligns with the increasing consumption of video content on Meta's platforms, which now comprises 50% of the time users spend on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Launches In-Stream Games LinkedIn has officially introduced new in-stream games designed to offer professionals a brief respite during their workday while boosting in-app engagement. The games include Pinpoint, a word association game, Queens, a logic puzzle, and Crossclimb, a trivia challenge. These games, updated daily, aim to foster interaction and friendly competition among users.

  • LinkedIn Enhances DM Features LinkedIn has made it easier to interact via DMs by introducing the ability to reply to specific messages within a chat. Users can now long-press on a message and select "Reply," making it easier to conduct longer conversations and maintain clarity in exchanges. This update, now available on both desktop and mobile, is part of LinkedIn’s ongoing effort to improve direct messaging features.

  • LinkedIn Adds AI Content Labels LinkedIn has partnered with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to label AI-generated content, helping users identify AI images in their feeds. AI-generated images will feature a small C2PA tag, which users can tap to get more information about the content. This move aims to increase transparency and combat the spread of misleading AI content.

Social media updates for Instagram

  • Instagram's Algorithm Focus on Share Rates Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri revealed that the platform's algorithm prioritizes share rates over watch time, likes, and comments for expanding reach. Share rates are considered a strong indicator of content users find valuable enough to share with others, enhancing discovery and engagement. This shift underscores the importance of creating shareable, entertaining content to maximize reach on Instagram.

  • Instagram Testing "Lately" Feature for Stories Instagram is testing a new "Lately" feature that highlights recent Stories activity on user profiles, extending the life of Stories beyond the usual 24 hours. This feature aims to enhance engagement by providing profile visitors with more context about the user's recent content, mainly as Stories and direct messages see higher engagement than traditional feed posts. The move is part of Instagram's broader strategy to maintain strong user connections while emphasizing video content.

  • Instagram's New Meme Stickers for Reels Instagram is developing a new Memes feature within its Reels editing tools, allowing users to easily add popular meme elements to their clips. This feature aims to boost user engagement by integrating trending meme culture into Reels, making creating and sharing humorous and topical content simpler for users. The initiative follows Instagram's broader efforts to encourage more original content creation and user interaction by leveraging popular trends and participatory memes.

Social media updates for Pinterest

  • Pinterest Adds Media Buyer Certification Course Pinterest has introduced a new "Media Buyer" certification course within its Pinterest Academy, available for free to all users. The certification validates expertise in Pinterest's ad platform through a 60-question exam covering campaign activation, optimization, and ads reporting, with a required passing score of 70%. The course targets media buyers with two to five years of experience, aiming to help them stand out in a competitive industry.

  • Gen Z Trends on Pinterest Pinterest reports a significant rise in Gen Z users, who now make up more than 40% of its global monthly users and engage with the platform at higher rates than other generations. The platform's new Gen Z trends report provides insights into key interests and behaviors, advising marketers to optimize for search trends, include CTAs, make products shoppable, and stay ahead of shifting trends. The report highlights the importance of connecting with culture and considering the broader audience shopping for Gen Z.

  • Pinterest's Summer Trends Overview Pinterest has published a new report on rising summer trends, emphasizing the platform's role in trend discovery. Key trends for summer 2024 include "Maximalist" fashion, "90's Beauty," and "dopamine décor," which showcase bold and unique self-expression in fashion, beauty, and home décor. The report aims to guide marketers in aligning their campaigns with these emerging trends to maximize appeal.

Social media updates for X (Twitter)

  • X's New Grok Chatbot Feature Elon Musk's X is developing a "Grok Analysis" button for its Grok chatbot to fact-check any post in the app, despite some early misinterpretations of real-time posts. The new feature will include options for AI fact-checks and related posts, but Grok has faced challenges distinguishing sarcasm and humor from factual content. The move reflects Musk's broader aim to integrate AI and humor into the platform, though accuracy remains a concern.

  • X Hides Likes to Encourage More Edgy Engagement X is testing the removal of the public "Likes" tab on profiles to allow users to like content without fear of backlash, aiming to promote more authentic engagement. This change is intended to encourage users to like more content, thus refining X's algorithm for personalized recommendations. The move has sparked concerns about facilitating the spread of controversial or harmful content by making user interests private.

  • X Adds Communities Tab to Bottom Navigation Bar X is experimenting with adding a dedicated Communities tab to the bottom navigation bar alongside existing icons like the Grok chatbot. This change aims to boost engagement with Communities, which have seen significant growth in user activity and posts over the past year. The move marks a shift from previous Twitter management's preference for a cleaner, less cluttered UI with fewer icons.

Social media updates for TikTok

  • Would You Watch a 60-minute Video on TikTok? TikTok is testing the ability for users to upload 60-minute videos, continuing its trend of increasing video length limits from its initial 15 seconds to the current 10 minutes. This experiment follows the platform's prior tests with 15 and 30-minute videos, indicating a push towards longer content to support detailed narratives, educational content, and extended tutorials. The move aims to compete with YouTube by offering more monetization opportunities. However, it remains uncertain if users will engage with such lengthy videos on TikTok.

  • TikTok Adds New Floating Player for Desktop TikTok has introduced a floating player option for desktop users, allowing them to continue watching videos while switching between tabs. This new feature, accessible from the bottom right of the playback window, enables users to drag and position the video anywhere on their screen, making multitasking easier. The floating player is handy as TikTok encourages creating and consuming longer videos.

  • TikTok Launches Updated Transparency Report Amid Government Influence Concerns In response to concerns about Chinese government influence, TikTok has released an updated transparency report detailing specific influence operations removed from the platform. The report provides case-by-case breakdowns, including the number of profiles and their cumulative followers, to reassure users about TikTok's efforts to counter such operations. Additionally, TikTok is restricting the reach of state-affiliated media accounts, trying to influence audiences outside their home countries, limiting their visibility and advertising capabilities abroad.

Social media updates for Reddit

  • Reddit and OpenAI Partnership Reddit has partnered with OpenAI to integrate Reddit content into ChatGPT and other OpenAI projects, enhancing the AI's ability to provide contextual, insightful responses based on Reddit discussions. This partnership will also enable Reddit to develop new AI-powered features for its users and moderators, leveraging OpenAI’s technology. Furthermore, OpenAI will become a Reddit ad partner, contributing to Reddit's revenue stream.

  • Updates to Reddit’s AMA Sessions Reddit has improved its "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions with new features like AMA scheduling, reminder notifications, and the ability to add guest collaborators. These updates aim to streamline the AMA process, making it easier to plan and promote sessions, and enhance user engagement by sorting comments by "Answered" and "Unanswered". These enhancements reflect Reddit's commitment to maximizing the utility and popularity of its AMA sessions.

  • Reddit's New Public Content Policy Reddit has introduced a "Public Content Policy" to regulate third-party access to its data, ensuring proper usage and privacy protection. This policy sets clear parameters for accessing Reddit data, aiming to combat unauthorized use and enhance revenue opportunities by requiring commercial licenses for extensive data use. The policy maintains access for researchers and non-commercial uses, supported by a new subreddit and a partnership with OpenMined for better research collaboration.

Social media updates for Snapchat

  • Snapchat Unveils New Features Focused on Generative AI Snapchat has introduced several new features, including creating custom Bitmoji clothing using AI prompts, AI reminders within its "My AI" chatbot, and an AI-powered Lens that simulates 90s scenes. Users can now edit DMs up to five minutes after sending, send emoji prompts through Snap Map, and respond to DMs with any emoji. These updates aim to enhance user engagement and drive more Snapchat+ subscriptions by integrating functional and entertaining AI features.

  • Snapchat Partners with Datahash to Enhance Conversions API Integration Snapchat has partnered with Datahash to simplify the implementation of its Conversions API (CAPI), making it easier for advertisers to gain privacy-friendly campaign insights. Datahash helps advertisers set up CAPI quickly without coding, enhancing campaign performance and increasing the number of advertisers using Snapchat. This partnership is part of Snapchat's broader effort to improve ad effectiveness and attract more SMB advertisers.

  • Snap Camera Makes a Comeback as a Chrome Extension Snap's popular Snap Camera app, which was discontinued last year, is now available as a Chrome extension. This extension allows users to use Snap Lenses during video calls. This extension brings the creativity of Snap AR Lenses back to professional meetings, casual calls, and live streams, adding fun and personalization to webcam experiences. Users can also integrate custom lenses, enhancing the versatility and appeal of their video interactions.

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Updates Status Features WhatsApp has revamped its Status feature, adding new font styles and color options for text customization. The update aims to enhance user creativity in ephemeral updates, similar to Stories on other platforms. Despite the popularity of Status, Meta has yet to introduce ads in this feature, focusing instead on improving user experience.

  • Meta Develops AI Profile Picture Generator for WhatsApp Meta is developing an AI profile image generator for WhatsApp, allowing users to create AI-generated profile pictures. This feature is part of Meta’s broader push to integrate AI capabilities across its platforms, including tools for generating stickers and chatbot interactions. While the practical utility of these AI tools is still under debate, Meta continues to invest heavily in AI development.

  • WhatsApp UI Gets a Refresh WhatsApp is rolling out a significant UI update featuring a cleaner layout, more prominent function bar options, and updated graphic elements. The Android app now resembles Messenger, with the search icon replaced by a prompt for Meta’s AI chatbot and the tabs moved to the bottom. This visual overhaul aims to align WhatsApp’s interface more closely with Meta’s other messaging platforms.

Social media updates for YouTube

  • YouTube Launches "Playables" In-App Games YouTube has expanded its "Playables" in-app games to users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia after an eight-month trial. This new feature offers over 75 lightweight mobile games, including popular titles like Angry Birds Showdown and Cut the Rope. It aims to boost user engagement by diversifying content beyond video clips. Users can access Playables through a new menu in the Explore section, with games also appearing in search results and the Home feed.

  • New Features for YouTube Shorts YouTube has introduced a new video playback quality option for Shorts, allowing users to choose between Data Saver, Higher Picture Quality, or auto-detection for optimized viewing. Additionally, to celebrate Minecraft's 15th anniversary, YouTube has added a new Minecraft effect to Shorts, enabling users to insert themselves into the game environment. YouTube is also testing enhancements for Super Chat, including a "Reply" button and the ability to like Super Chats during live streams to boost viewer interaction.

  • YouTube’s Measures for 2024 EU Elections Ahead of the 2024 European Parliamentary Elections, YouTube has introduced new measures to combat misinformation and provide voters with accurate information. These include information panels directing users to Google’s "how to vote" and candidate information features, along with reminders of voting details in the weeks leading up to the election. YouTube will also display live election results and employ advanced machine learning and a global team of reviewers to manage content effectively.


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