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Social Media Industry News- July 2024

Updated: Jul 1


Social Media Platform News and Updates for JULY 2024

Welcome to our blog, where we keep you updated with the latest advancements and updates in social media. As platforms evolve, new features and tools are constantly introduced to enhance user experience and engagement. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or avid social media user, staying informed about these changes is crucial. In this post, we'll cover recent updates across various platforms, highlighting key developments that can help you maximize your social media presence and connect more effectively with your audience. Stay tuned for the latest insights and trends in the ever-changing world of social media.

Social media updates for Meta

  • Meta Expands Broadcast Channels on Facebook and Messenger Meta is expanding access to its Broadcast Channels feature on Facebook and Messenger, allowing all Facebook Pages with more than 10k followers to create their own channel. This expansion follows the success of its initial launch on Instagram. It now includes new features like automatic message sharing from Instagram to Facebook, early access to channel content, and sharing via Stories. The move aligns with increasing messaging usage and provides another avenue for creators to engage with their audience through updates sent directly to their inboxes.

  • Facebook Tests Auto A/B Testing for Reels Optimization Facebook is testing an automated process to optimize the performance of Reels posted by business pages through Auto A/B testing, which experiments with different content variations. This feature, currently available to select page managers, will test various captions, covers, and more to determine the top-performing version. This development is part of Meta's broader push towards automated content creation and optimization using AI, although many marketers may still prefer manual control over their creative campaigns.

  • Meta Introduces Money-Back Guarantee for Meta Verified Subscription Meta has introduced a money-back guarantee for its Meta Verified subscription, allowing users to get a refund within 14 days if they are not satisfied. Meta Verified, which costs $14.99 per month, offers a blue checkmark, enhanced account support, and other features, though Meta has not disclosed specific subscription uptake numbers. This initiative is part of Meta's broader push to boost its subscription offerings and generate additional income, potentially contributing significantly to its quarterly revenue.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

LinkedIn has introduced several updates to its newsletter creation platform, including an updated reader UI, the ability to embed LinkedIn profiles, and staging links for articles. These enhancements aim to improve engagement and provide creators with more tools to maximize their content's reach and impact. LinkedIn also added a Microsoft Designer integration for AI-generated cover images.

LinkedIn has rolled out new AI enhancements for job discovery, application assistance, and learning tools for Premium subscribers. These updates include AI-based job application feedback, cover letter assistance, and personalized career coaching powered by AI. LinkedIn is also adding new AI-driven LinkedIn Learning courses to help users stay updated with major tech shifts.

LinkedIn is launching its Premium Company Pages to help SMBs enhance their presence on the platform. The new offering includes custom CTA buttons, auto invitations for leads, insights into visitors, and access to AI writing assistant tools. These features aim to provide subscribing brands with more tools to maximize their engagement and lead generation on LinkedIn.

Social media updates for Instagram

  • Instagram Adds Music to Carousel Posts with Video Clips Instagram now allows users to add music to carousel posts that include video clips, expanding on the existing feature for still image carousels. This update is part of Instagram's efforts to enhance music engagement on the platform, likely positioning itself as an alternative to TikTok for music promotion. With TikTok's future in the U.S. uncertain, Instagram aims to attract users and maintain its relevance in the social media landscape.

  • Instagram Tests New Chat Widgets for Enhanced DM Engagement Instagram is testing new chat widgets to enhance engagement in DMs, including features like countdowns, time zone displays, and pinned content. These widgets aim to add context and drive interaction within private conversations, reflecting the broader trend towards more enclosed sharing on social media. The widgets could also benefit brand engagement by providing tools for more interactive and timely customer interactions.

  • Instagram Introduces Close Friends Option for Live Streams Instagram is adding a "Close Friends" option for Instagram Live, enabling users to livestream with up to three others in a private session viewable only by close friends. This feature aims to enhance community connection by facilitating more intimate group interactions, aligning with the trend of private sharing over public posting. It's part of Instagram's ongoing efforts to engage younger audiences and maintain active user participation on the platform.

Social media updates for Pinterest

  • Pinterest Introduces New Features for Advertisers Pinterest has announced new tools for advertisers, including AI-based automated ad campaigns, customized AI-generated backgrounds, and Promoted Pin collages. The "Performance+" tool optimizes ad elements, and early tests show significant improvements in cost per acquisition and engagement. These features aim to enhance ad performance and drive more engagement through personalized and aesthetically aligned content.

  • Pinterest Improves Board Sharing for Social Media Pinterest has launched improved board sharing, making promoting collections across social apps easier with visually appealing templates. Users can share board overviews as animated Stories, including a "Curated on Pinterest" marker, aimed at younger users who view Pinterest as a space for self-expression and identity shaping. This feature is part of Pinterest's strategy to attract Gen Z users and maximize growth potential.

  • Pinterest Launches New Promotional Campaign Pinterest's new campaign highlights the platform's ability to connect users with various interests through unique journeys of self-discovery. The campaign, filmed without CGI, aims to attract ad partners by showcasing Pinterest as a place for creative inspiration and high shopping intent. The promotional effort targets younger demographics and emphasizes the platform's user and revenue growth potential.

Social media updates for X (Twitter)

  • X Relaunches Ad Education Platform as "Ads Academy" X, formerly known as Twitter, has revamped its ads education platform as "Ads Academy," offering courses to help businesses create more effective ad campaigns. The academy aims to connect marketers with X's influential user base, providing tailored learning paths for various levels of expertise. The rebranded platform continues from the previous "Flight School" and includes certifications and badges to showcase X ads' knowledge.

  • X Enhances Analytics Tools for Premium Users X is developing a new analytics feature to provide insights into audience activity times, aiding in optimal posting and engagement strategies. This feature has long been available in third-party tools, but X now integrates it for Premium subscribers. The update aims to offer more robust account management tools despite X's slow growth and challenges in retaining marketer interest.

  • X Makes Live Streaming a Premium Feature X will soon make live streaming available only to Premium subscribers to address copyright and piracy issues. This change will likely reduce on-the-ground footage uploads but aligns with X's strategy to drive Premium subscriptions. The platform continues to struggle with revenue generation, falling short of its initial ambitious targets for subscription-based income.

Social media updates for TikTok

  • TikTok Publishes Back to School Campaign Guide TikTok has published a new Back to School campaign guide to help marketers plan their strategies for reaching students and parents. The guide provides an overview of key dates, product categories, brand-building approaches, and effective promotional strategies tailored to TikTok's platform. It is a comprehensive resource for brands looking to maximize their back-to-school marketing efforts on TikTok.

  • TikTok and Estée Lauder Launch "The Catalysts" Program for Beauty Creators TikTok has partnered with Estée Lauder to launch "The Catalysts," a program to support emerging beauty creators. The program will offer mentorship, financial and marketing support, and expert advice to selected creators who demonstrate innovative ideas and strong creative storytelling. This initiative seeks to spotlight new beauty innovators and provide a pathway for them to grow their businesses within the TikTok community.

  • TikTok Launches "Deals For You Days" to Boost In-App Shopping TikTok is launching "Deals For You Days" in the U.S., featuring discounts from popular brands to promote in-app shopping. Starting on July 9th, brands like L'Oréal Paris and Maybelline will offer exclusive savings, with creators and merchants participating in content challenges to promote the deals. This initiative is part of TikTok's strategy to boost its eCommerce activity, drawing on its success with in-stream shopping in other regions.

Social media updates for Reddit

Reddit has partnered with Sprinklr to become its first Ads API partner, enabling users to access Reddit’s ad solutions directly through the Sprinklr platform. This integration allows Sprinklr customers to analyze public conversations on Reddit to better inform their paid and organic strategies. The partnership aims to broaden advertising opportunities for businesses on Reddit by providing in-depth insights to drive performance.

Reddit is revising its comment stream ad placement with the introduction of updated Conversation Ads, featuring larger media and improved carousel display with updated CTA buttons. The new placement aims to reach Reddit users where they are most active, with 47% of screen views happening in the comments. Reddit’s research suggests that combining Feed and Conversation Ad placements drives stronger action intent, making it a prime option for advertisers.

Reddit has announced a partnership with DoubleVerify to offer brand safety and suitability measurement options to its ad partners. This collaboration aims to assure advertisers that their ads are displayed in safe environments using the GARM framework. Although the 99% safe impression statistic is impressive, it's essential to understand that DoubleVerify's reporting methodology may have limitations.

Social media updates for Snapchat

  • Snapchat Enhances User Safety Features Snapchat is implementing new features to increase user safety, including expanded restrictions on connections, updated blocking tools, and in-app warnings for attempts to connect by previously reported users. These changes are especially significant given Snapchat's predominantly young user base, as they aim to protect teens from online dangers like bullying and sextortion. Additionally, Snapchat is introducing more location-sharing prompts and expanded blocking tools to enhance user protection further.

  • Snapchat Engages Users for Euro 2024 Snapchat has introduced various features for Euro 2024, including 20 exclusive AR lenses designed to capture emotions and reactions to the tournament. Partnerships with Nike, Adidas, and other brands enable users to try on and purchase official team kits through AR lenses. Additionally, Snapchat is hosting official Euro 2024 highlights in collaboration with major broadcasters in several regions, leveraging its young and sports-engaged audience.

  • Snapchat Introduces Generative AI for Lens Creation Snapchat's new generative AI tools in Lens Studio 5.0 allow users to create AR experiences through simple prompts, democratizing AR creation. The technology enables real-time rendering of AI-generated visuals and offers extensive support for advanced creation techniques. This update could significantly expand the range of creators and brands utilizing AR on Snapchat, enhancing interactive and engaging experiences.

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • Instagram Stories to WhatsApp Cross-Posting Integration Instagram is working on a feature that allows users to cross-post their Stories directly to WhatsApp, as revealed by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. This addition could benefit WhatsApp's growing user base in Western markets and its 450 million daily active Status users. Although there might be formatting and functionality issues, such as interactive stickers not working seamlessly, this feature could enhance content reach and engagement, especially through WhatsApp Channels.

  • WhatsApp Video Call Updates: Expanded Group Chats and More WhatsApp has introduced new features for video calls, including expanding the on-screen participant limit from 15 to 32. The update also includes screen sharing with audio, making it easier to watch videos and presentations together, and a “Speaker Spotlight” feature to highlight active speakers during calls. Additionally, video quality and audio clarity improvements have been made, enhancing the overall group call experience on the platform.

  • Google and WhatsApp Integration for Brazilian Businesses At the “Google for Brazil” event, Google announced that local businesses in Brazil can now integrate their WhatsApp profiles into their Google Business listings. This enables direct contact through WhatsApp from Google Search results, leveraging WhatsApp's popularity in the region. Despite their competitive history, the partnership between Google and Meta hints at potential future collaborations, although it's currently limited to this feature.

Social media updates for YouTube

YouTube has announced the rollout plan for its new thumbnail A/B testing feature, which allows channel managers to experiment with different thumbnail images. The feature, available to creators with access to Advanced Features, compares up to three thumbnails to see which generates the most watch time. This tool aims to help creators optimize their content's discoverability and performance.

YouTube has revamped its “Inspiration” tab in YouTube Studio analytics to include AI recommendations for new video ideas. The updated tab features search trends, breakout video clips, and AI-generated topic suggestions to help creators develop content. This tool aims to provide creators with insights and inspiration based on their audience's interests and trends.

YouTube is testing a new feature that allows users to use Google Lens to search for YouTube clips related to an image. This feature provides a more contextual search experience by offering video content based on visual input. Currently, the test is limited to a small percentage of Android users, with the potential for broader rollout depending on its success.


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