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Social Media Industry News- November 2023


Social Media Platform News and Updates for NOVEMBER 2023

Exciting updates have emerged across the social media landscape, showcasing various enhancements and new features on popular platforms. From Meta's potential introduction of ad-free subscription plans in response to changing EU regulations to LinkedIn's introduction of AI tools within its recruitment interface, these changes are reshaping the user experience and business interactions on social media. Moreover, Instagram's collaborative post features and TikTok's experimentation with extended video lengths highlight a drive for increased engagement and creative interaction. The updates across Snapchat, WhatsApp, and YouTube introduce valuable tools like creator ad collaborations, AR learning initiatives, and enhanced video ad options. For more in-depth insights into these exciting transformations and the broader social media landscape, dive deeper into the update!

Social media updates for Meta

Meta is exploring ad-free subscription tiers due to evolving EU data privacy regulations, affecting personalization capacities. To cope with D.S.A. changes limiting personalized ads, Meta may offer ad-free subscriptions in the EU for Facebook and Instagram. The proposed pricing is around $14/month for Facebook or $17/month for both platforms, reflecting concern about maintaining user experience and revenue. The challenge is to set a cost that supports revenue while offering an ad-free option. This move aligns with broader trends in social media offering subscription models but might affect ad-generated revenue. The high price might indicate testing waters or considering various revenue elements.

Meta introduced generative AI tools for ad creation, including text variations, background generation, and image expansion. These AI elements aim to streamline ad creation, save time for advertisers, and enhance ad performance. Background generation and AI-based ad creation tools are under development, providing more options for advertisers. Meta plans to incorporate AI tools for business messaging, enabling quick responses in commerce and engagement. The aim is to assist advertisers, not replace human creativity, and these features are now available in Meta's Ads Manager.

Social platforms like X Premium and Snapchat+ offer priority display for paying users, which might create a class divide. Meta is testing a reply filter to prioritize Meta Verified replies, which could separate engagement from paying users. Prioritizing paying users aims to discourage bots, but it could lead to a divide between more affluent and non-paying users in some regions. While it’s not a direct reach benefit, Meta is exploring ways to enhance subscriber interaction. The move might discourage non-subscribers from posting, limiting their visibility in social conversations.

Meta is experimenting with AI tools for profile picture generation and post creation, similar to features on Snapchat and TikTok. AI-generated post-creation tools might assist users in content creation, although the concept of bot-generated content is debatable. Meta aims to extend its AI tools' capacity, though genuine creativity might still require human input. The AI features are in testing and could be the next functional tools in Facebook's feed.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

LinkedIn has introduced new AI-driven features under "Recruiter 2024", aiming to enhance recruitment processes. These updates incorporate generative AI and users' insights from its extensive database to provide quicker candidate identification. The new Recruiter interface includes natural language commands and an always-present ChatGPT-like prompt window to assist in digging deeper into specific elements. These AI tools are intended to ease the process of sifting through potential candidates and provide personalized suggestions based on data.

LinkedIn has updated its Collaborative Articles feature to highlight contributors more prominently and included full reaction sets within the in-feed display. It also improved notifications and tailored search results to engage users' relevant posts. Furthermore, the platform is refining its AI prompts for articles, enabling users to select their desired skills to contribute to the content.

LinkedIn Premium subscribers can now mark three roles per month as "Top Choice," giving added visibility to recruiters. This feature allows applicants to express more profound interest in specific positions, making their profiles more prominent. The platform is testing this feature with Premium users and observing increased interaction with recruiters from those who have marked roles as "Top Choice."

Social media updates for Instagram

Meta (formerly Facebook) expanded the Instagram Marketing API, allowing third-party posting platforms to support product tags for promotions. This update offers improved ad creation and promotion processes, specifically for feed photos, carousels, and existing feed videos. The move aims to reduce friction for third-party platform users and enhance advertisers' ability to utilize Ads with Product Tags in both new and existing media posts. These changes contribute to a more streamlined experience for managing Instagram ads and organic content.

Instagram launched a live test for collaborative posts, enabling users to allow contributions to carousel feed posts, fostering more engagement and interaction in the app. This feature allows multiple users to contribute photos or videos to a single carousel post, enhancing collaborative collections. Additionally, Instagram introduced the ability to share Stories with multiple groups and share feed posts exclusively with Close Friends, aiming to encourage more intimate group engagement and interaction on the platform.

Instagram is testing a new feature in its DM Notes by introducing selfie videos, aiming to further enhance connection and interaction within the app. This feature will animate Notes, making them more visually appealing and potentially driving increased engagement. Notably popular among younger users, Notes are a widely used feature, and this addition aligns with the platform's emphasis on short-form video and enhanced engagement. Discover more

Social media updates for Pinterest

Pinterest rolled out a Creator Hub, a new educational platform available in 13 languages, designed to assist creators in maximizing their presence on the platform. This hub includes comprehensive guides, best practices for creating standout Pins, information about Pinterest's editorial surfaces, and creator funding tools. It offers valuable insights for both Pin creators and marketers, providing access to specific pointers on utilizing the app effectively.

Pinterest's revenue of $763 million for the quarter surpassed estimates despite total costs and expenses amounting to $768 million.

The platform is focusing on Gen Z users and newer cohorts, witnessing increased engagement. Pinterest's integration of mobile deeplinking and partnerships with Amazon are driving significant referral traffic and expansion of ad opportunities. While the company remains in the red, its future cost-cutting measures and integration strategies aim to pave the way for maximizing earnings potential.

Social media updates for X (Twitter)

X introduced an audio calling feature in its latest iOS version, allowing users to call from their DMs. While acknowledging the declining trend of audio calls, X aims for an all-encompassing platform and plans to add video calls shortly, aligning with Elon Musk's vision of enabling various interactions within the app. The reception of this update remains to be determined, given prevailing user preferences.

X is live testing a program in New Zealand and the Philippines, where new, unverified accounts are required to sign up for a $1 annual subscription to post and interact within the app. This program, titled "Not a Bot," aims to combat bots and spam on the platform, although only a tiny percentage of users are currently subscribed to X Premium. The potential impact of charging users for accessing the app and its efficacy in deterring bot activity is under scrutiny, given the minimal subscription rates.

Elon Musk announced changes to X's user interface, removing interaction counts and action buttons from feeds leaving only view counts visible within post details. This decision aims to reduce post engagement, and like Instagram's hidden like count test, it might alter user behaviors. While this shift could limit the spread of misinformation, it might affect post sharing, interaction, and discussions. X plans to focus more on gesture controls, akin to YouTube's metrics display. The potential implications of this change and its alignment with X's revenue goals and user behaviors remain to be seen.

Social media updates for TikTok

TikTok launched an integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowing easy transfer of leads generated by TikTok ad campaigns to Salesforce. The integration facilitates real-time lead response and follow-ups via Salesforce, enhancing TikTok ad management. The integration will be available on Salesforce’s AppExchange marketplace.

TikTok is experimenting with extending video upload limits to 15 minutes, potentially increasing time spent in the app. The gradual increase in upload limits from 15 seconds to 10 minutes is driven by the potential for increased time spent in-app and potential ad revenue. The test's success and user demand for longer videos in-stream are yet to be determined.

TikTok partnered with Disney to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, providing an interactive destination for Disney enthusiasts. The partnership offers a unique experience for Disney fans, including video clips, music, trivia, and a collection of digital character cards. The initiative aims to engage Disney fans and promote brand awareness through special content and interactive experiences.

Social media updates for Reddit

Reddit has made several search tool updates, including a "Media" tab for visual content searches and a streamlined search layout to enhance the browsing experience. It has also improved its mobile web browsing experience for non-Reddit users. On the advertising front, Reddit is expanding its Ads Formula platform with the Boost 2.0 certification and improving ad targeting and management tools.

Reddit announced an update to its "Reddit Ads Formula," introducing a new certification, Boost 2.0, aimed at expanding advertisers' knowledge. The Boost Certification Program offers more educational content focusing on ad product optimization, creative campaigns, and effective tools. Graduates receive a certification badge and can donate to a charity through Reddit's "Karma Kash" initiative. The update aims to make Reddit ads more appealing and safe while enhancing participants' understanding of ad offerings.

Reddit has enhanced ad targeting options, making it easier for marketers to reach broader audiences. The platform now suggests communities based on chosen targeting parameters, improving audience reach. New tools like Campaign Lifetime Budget and inline editing within Ads Manager aim to streamline the ad management process, potentially making Reddit ads more effective. These updates align with Reddit's efforts to improve its ad tools and business potential.

Social media updates for Snapchat

Snap introduced paid partnership tags for creators, enabling brand collaborations in the app. Creator Discovery API and midroll ad placement in creator Stories offer new ad placement opportunities. These updates aim to provide valuable brand exposure within top creator content. Brands can now access Snap's Creator Marketplace through various integrations.

Snapchat partnered with Edtech company Inspirit to bring AR Lenses for STEM learning in schools. AR tools are introduced to facilitate interactive learning experiences with a high level of student engagement. These AR tools might open new educational opportunities and broaden Snap's AR usage in various sectors. This initiative could represent a significant move in Snap's AR development.

Snap introduced new Bitmoji updates, including enhanced features, but user reception seems mixed. Users tend to protect the processes they're familiar with in the app, which could make new changes difficult. Snap users have shown resistance to significant app changes in the past, so the Bitmoji update might face similar sentiments.

Social media updates for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced the ability for users to switch between two accounts without logging out, which is beneficial for those managing work and personal profiles. While not a groundbreaking update, it's a convenient feature that helps users avoid the hassle of logging in and out repeatedly.

WhatsApp has implemented a passkey feature, utilizing on-device Face/Touch ID to offer a more secure login option. Passkeys use advanced cryptography, enhancing the platform's login security, and are being adopted as a safer alternative to traditional text-based keywords.

Social media updates for YouTube

YouTube introduces "Spotlight Moments," enabling advertisers to place ads within popular content around specific themes. Using AI-driven technology, YouTube identifies relevant videos related to cultural moments, curating them into a sponsored hub. It offers a high-end, in-stream ad option for more prominent brands, enhancing brand association and product interest. Though it relies on AI curation, the feature provides additional reach and exposure related to popular clips.

YouTube has introduced several UI updates, including stable volume, easier video skimming, and a centralized "You" tab for account settings and history. New functionalities include hum-to-search for songs, visual cues for viewer engagement, and real-time updates on specific interactions. These subtle yet practical updates aim to improve user experience without causing major disruption.

YouTube now allows creators to include audio descriptive tracks within videos to assist visually impaired viewers. Additionally, U.S.-based creators can add their pronouns to their profiles, providing another means of expression and discoverability. These features aim to enhance accessibility and connection among users, potentially expanding audience reach for creators.


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