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Social Media Industry News- December 2022


Social Media Platform News and Updates for December 2022

The new month brings new updates for all social media platforms that marketers can't live without and consumers can't get enough of daily. As you're working to meet your client deadlines or finalize that new marketing campaign, check out these social media updates that will help you stay in the know of the new features and releases for crucial platforms.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

  • This one is for the “newbie and wanna-be” Tech Engineers. LinkedIn is in partnership with GitHub (a coding software company), to provide learning specifically tailored to the needs of Tech Engineers in the making to help them acquire skillsets and real-life experiences necessary for their career journey. Techs will use the new feature in the GitHub hands-on practice Technology (GitHub Codespaces) to achieve this feat via LinkedIn Learning. You can get free courses on LinkedIn Learning until the 28th of February, 2023. Now, if you’re interested in IT, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the promo period to upskill.

  • LinkedIn has launched the initial stage of post-scheduling on the app, which it has been testing internally for some time now, and says that it will soon add post-scheduling for Groups and Company Pages too. This could provide an alternative to Twitter if things don’t go well at Twitter.

  • LinkedIn has launched a new Brand Safety hub for its Audience Network ads, which will enable advertisers to find out more information about LinkedIn’s partner platforms, and create allow and block lists to manage the same..

Social media updates for Facebook

Social media updates for Instagram

Social media updates for Pinterest

Social media updates for Twitter

Social media updates for TikTok

Social media updates for Snapchat

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp is on a roll again. We can recall that earlier in the year, WhatsApp introduced a feature that enhances Community group chats; now, there’s a feature in WhatsApp which enables Admins to arrange these community group chats by topic. It gets even juicier because video calls can now accommodate a whopping 32 people at a time, and there can be over 1K members in a group! Just wow!

  • And when you think you’ve heard it all, WhatsApp drops another bombshell for WhatsApp Business. Search functionality is now in place to find businesses by categories and business name, all on WhatsApp without it being traced back to you. So you can sneak in and sneak out. With this feature, you can find businesses near you, send messages and make purchases.

  • If you ever wished there were ways to message yourself on WhatsApp to enable you to keep important notes, save links, keep track of appointments, etc., then you’ll want to see this. WhatsApp introduces a new feature to help you do all that and more.

Social media updates for YouTube


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