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Social Media Industry News- August 2023


Social Media Platform News and Updates for AUGUST 2023

We're glad you're here for our monthly Social Media Industry news update, where we offer you the most important and recent news from the ever-changing world of social media. Keep up with the constantly changing environment, including platform updates, algorithm modifications, and hot features. Join us as we examine the marketing tactics of leading companies, look at the newest trends, and analyze the effects of social media on culture and commerce. We have all the buzz and information you need to successfully traverse the digital space, from Facebook to TikTok, Twitter to LinkedIn. Let's explore the fascinating world of social media and discover all of its potential together!

Social media updates for Meta

1. Posts in Threads may contain up to 500 characters, links, images, and videos for at most five minutes.

2. You can like, re-post, and comment on updates, and Threads are presented in the main Feed (with many recommended stuff to start with).

3. All users will soon have a username that users can find in other apps thanks to ActivityPub.

4. By tapping the Threads icon at the top of the screen, Threads makes it possible to switch between light and dark modes.

5. They also hope to increase engagement by emphasizing suggestions from accounts you need to follow in your Feed.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

These are the main changes introduced that you need to understand:

1. Unprofessional content will be honored differently now, on top of which are posts that trick the system. Before now, LinkedIn would highlight the most engaging post, but it wants to change that.

2. Content from first-degree contacts will now be given priority on LinkedIn.

3. LinkedIn also aims to highlight professional insight and counsel.

4. LinkedIn's technology is attempting to identify opinions and recommendations based on shared insights as opposed to mere reposts.

Social media updates for Instagram

Social media updates for Pinterest

Social media updates for Twitter

Social media updates for TikTok

  • In addition to introducing TikTok's Youth Council, the company is integrating its content screening feature into Family Pairing to give parents more control over how likely their teen would watch stuff they may find particularly upsetting. To modify this feature for Family Pairing, they consulted experts, such as the Family Online Safety Institute, on how to strike a balance between letting families select the experience that best suits their needs and ensuring they respect children's rights to participate in the online world. Teens can view the terms their caregiver has included, and this transparency can encourage discussions about appropriate online behavior and safety.

  • The 'Save to device' option, which saves a copy of your video clip with TikTok branding, has always been available to TikTok users. However, with the recent update on Tiktok, you may save your clip with all of the improvements and edits made without having the TikTok marking on your upload. Given that Instagram, for example, aggressively reduces a video's reach when it detects watermarks or logos to discourage the re-sharing of TikTok clips, you can now reuse your videos.

  • TikTok has added a new LIVE Subscription benefit, Subscriber-Only Videos, as part of its continued efforts to offer diverse creator monetization alternatives to help creators. The only people who can watch these unique videos are subscribers. With the ability for subscribers to like, comment, and reply to one another, the new perk promotes interactions outside of the LIVE room. It also aids creators in developing even deeper relationships with their audience.

Social media updates for Reddit

Social media updates for Snapchat

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • The final release of WhatsApp for Wear OS has been announced, allowing users of Google-powered smartwatches to initiate new chats, respond to messages, and take calls directly through WhatsApp. Now, you may use WhatsApp to its fullest extent right from your wrist.

  • WhatsApp has introduced a new instant video communication. You may now record and share brief, private videos right in the chat. It is a real-time method of responding to discussions with whatever you want to say and displaying in 60 seconds. Similar to sending a voice message, sending a video message is straightforward. All you need do is tap to enter video mode, then hold to start recording.

Social media updates for YouTube

  • YouTube is experimenting with AI-generated quizzes on the YouTube mobile app Home Feed to make it simpler for users to learn about topics they are interested in. The quizzes will evaluate how well you comprehend a topic addressed in a recent video you viewed. A small portion of iOS and Android users who recently watched a few chosen instructional and EN-language films are participating in this global experiment.

  • In an ongoing experiment, YouTube lets mobile users make Shorts that feature comments on the videos they're watching. Even though creators can already respond to comments (posted on their own content) with a Short, they wish to investigate the possibility of allowing viewers to also produce content from comments. The Short will show up on the channel page and in the Shorts feed for the viewer. Unless comments on their video(s) are disabled, creators cannot prevent their comments from appearing in a Short. Only a few visitors can currently access this experiment on Android and iOS mobile devices worldwide.

  • To simplify implementing essential upgrades and changes for your YouTube presence, YouTube is currently rolling out an upgraded YouTube Studio user experience. This upgrade includes shortcuts to frequently used items and updated classification in-stream. Direct links from various surfaces in the Studio app are now being added, along with channel editing, to make updating your data and visuals more accessible.


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