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Social Media Industry News- October 2022


Social Media Platform News and Updates for October 2022

The new month brings new updates for all social media platforms that marketers can't live without and consumers can't get enough of daily. As you're working to meet your client deadlines or finalize that new marketing campaign, check out these social media updates that will help you stay in the know of the new features and releases for crucial platforms.

Social media updates for LinkedIn

Social media updates for Facebook

  • Meta has launched a new type of ad that helps support local delivery businesses. Collaborative Ads allow restaurants or specific packaged goods brands to promote their products, and then send consumers directly to a local delivery service

  • Meta introduced new B2B advertising targeting, including IT and business decision-makers, and new active business audiences.

  • Meta opened a new Advertiser Success Center with tips and tricks to improve your advertising strategy.

  • Facebook is removing its live shopping feature on October 1, as it shifts its focus on Reels.

  • Meta published a guide called ‘Measurement 360’ to help marketers reconsider and strengthen their strategies regarding campaign measurement and align those with the new trends.

  • Meta has added a community chat feature in Facebook Messenger, currently still in testing and available to a limited number of users. With Community Chats, users can form a Facebook Group and facilitate chat and audio conversations right within the Messenger app.

  • Meta’s got a new AI tool that enables users to make freaky mish-mash videos

  • Meta has made it easier to switch between Facebook and Instagram profiles, as long as they are in the same accounts center. (Meta really wants to associate all your information). Plus, they are making signing up for multiple accounts on both platforms easier.

Social media updates for Instagram

  • Stories that are 60 seconds or less will no longer be split up into 15-second chunks. This could create an interesting challenge for brands and content creators that relied on those shorter intervals to keep their followers engaged. It will be interesting to see how the new 60-second parameter will be adopted.

  • Instagram added QR codes for posts. On mobile, you’ll find the option under the 3 dots. On a desktop, you can add /QR to the end of the URL.

  • Meta also confirmed that it is looking at introducing a reshare option to the Feed, which basically provides users the ability to reshare posts in Feed — similar to how you can reshare in Stories, and original creators are credited for their work as well. This feature is currently in its testing phase.

  • Recently at a House of Instagram event, the team of Business Marketing shared exciting ideas on how Instagram will evolve as a bridge into the Metaverse. According to Instagram, there are now more than 1,2 million AR filters in the Meta platform, and 82% of the users have already used or interacted with a filter in the past year. Especially due to the big adoption of Instagram Reels.

  • Instagram wants to ensure every user has access to their stories, so the platform has a very user-friendly Archive where people can access all their stories and posts. To access the Instagram stories archive, simply go to your profile page and tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. From there, select “Archive.” This will take you to a page where all of your past stories are saved.

  • Instagram announced a new bonus program called Reels Play that rewards creators who make engaging Reels videos

  • According to an internal memo released in the first week of September, the Instagram Shop tab will soon disappear from the app.

  • Instagram is testing a new way to categorize Reels. The new option allows users to add “Topic” tags to their Reels when uploading. The topic tag should help users “reach people who share your interests.”

Social media updates for Pinterest

  • Pinterest is launching a new promotional campaign in which it looks to further distance itself from its social network roots, by framing Pinterest as a more positive space, free of the judgment and criticism that comes with those ‘other’ apps.

  • Pinterest has just launched a new API (application programming interface) for Shopping. This new software gives merchants access to new catalog management tools and product metadata features to make checking pricing and availability easier and more efficient.

  • You can now link your products with Pins so users can purchase your products with one click.

  • Pinterest announced that merchants would be able to add videos to their storefront that allows users to see products from 360 angles.

  • A Shop Tab has been added on Business Profiles. The Shop Tab on Pinterest allows businesses to feature up to 16 types of product categories on their profile that are customizable to suit your feed.

Social media updates for Twitter

  • Twitter releases a new strategy guide for businesses and professionals.

  • Twitter shared inspiring material on utilizing best practices for advertising on the platform via successful ad combinations in your campaigns.

  • Twitter’s April Fools Day announcement has come true: The platform is testing the edit feature that users have been begging for for years. Edit Tweet allows users to make changes to Tweets for up to 30 minutes after they are published.

  • Twitter Circle is now available to everyone! The feature lets users limit the visibility of some Tweets to a selected group of accounts.

  • Twitter has a Tiktok-like update. You can easily expand Tweeted videos into full-screen mode on your phone. From there, you can scroll up to view more videos. Popular videos will also be featured on the Explore tab, making them easier to find.

Social media updates for TikTok

Social media updates for Reddit

  • Reddit published a new holiday marketing guide with insights and ideas on how to maximize your efforts on the platform. You can find the full guide here.

  • Reddit is steadily expanding its advertising platform with its recent acquisition of Spiketrap, an audience contextualization company. Reddit aims to use Spiketrap’s contextual analysis AI to improve ad targeting and performance.

Social media updates for Snapchat

Social media updates for WhatsApp

Social media updates for YouTube

  • YouTube opened its “Other videos your audience watched” feature to more (smaller) creators, as well as testing other new features in selected regions.

  • YouTube Shorts now allow you to add voiceovers.

  • Creators will now be able to feature comments on Shorts, just like on TikTok, but with a better approach.

  • As part of their broader bid to help creators make money through their platform, YouTube is introducing a new kind of music library to make it easier for creators to access a wider range of music.

  • Given the popularity of educational content, the video platform is introducing a few key features to improve the user experience. These include an embedded YouTube player without ads or external links, which will be useful for teachers, paid courses from your favorite creators, and quizzes to help retain what you’ve learned.

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