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3 Ways Facebook Ads can support your business and grow your reach!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Cultivating a community of engaged fans and advocates of your brand is crucial in today’s digital world. With more than 2 billion people using Facebook products every day, having an active presence on their social platforms can increase your brand awareness, help you get more traffic to your website, and ultimately, help you grow your business.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Content is king”. With a consistent flow of high quality and valuable content, you can show your expertise in a particular industry or subject, entertain your audience or provide information to your followers. Every business and brand should be posting organic content on a consistent basis! However, with the decline of Facebook’s organic post reach, supplementing your social media marketing efforts with paid social ads can have massive and far reaching benefits!

Here are 3 ways paid ads can support your organic reach, and your business...

1.Targeting, targeting, targeting!

Facebook advertising boasts some of the best targeting online. They give you the ability to reach your exact audience, with laser-sharp accuracy. If you know your target audience, you can reach a large number of people who are more likely to engage with your content and your business. Ads can be optimized to reach people by interests, geographical location, age, behavior, education, workplace and even their relationship status! With such a wide range of audience targeting options, Facebook allows you to reach more of your potential customers than ever before, and at an incredibly affordable rate.

2. Facebook advertising is cheap!

Unlike more traditional advertising efforts, Facebook allows you to craft highly effective campaigns for a fraction of the price. When creating Facebook campaigns, you can set your budget within a range thats comfortable to you. We constantly monitor and optimize campaigns to deliver the best results for your budget. You don’t need a massive corporate ad spend to be successful with Facebook advertising. Success can be achieved for as little as a price of a cup of coffee. We can guide you in creating a budget that will be beneficial to your brand and your bottom line.

3. Amazing insights and analytics!

With the ability to reach a more targeted audience at an affordable rate, Facebook also allows you to obtain practical insights and analytics on every campaign. This allows us to immediately see what is working and what isn’t, and adjust and optimize campaigns accordingly. The platform also allows for very useful testing of ads and audiences. You can test different strategies to discover the optimal placement or creative for maximum exposure and success. These analytical tools can help to track and measure the impact of your ads and your brand visibility.

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and recognition, drive people to your website or landing page, or build a community of engaged followers, Facebook ads are the way to go! Supplementing your organic posts with paid ads is a surefire way to build your brand and get in front of some of Facebook’s 2.5 Billion users. Need help with a social media strategy and Facebook ads? Contact us to see how we can help you!

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