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Facebook Update- Monetizing Facebook Lives!

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is, by far, the biggest Social Network on the planet. The power of Facebook cannot be ignored by businesses and brands, with the company reporting that 3.14 billion people use a Facebook product every month! With such a massive user base, Facebook is constantly improving and tweaking their products to update the user experience. There are always new and improved opportunities for your business or brand to get ahead of the competition and leverage the power of Facebook.

With so many exciting updates, we couldn’t keep it to one article! We’ll be covering a new Facebook feature in each article of the series, so make sure you read them all! Check out the blog here for more Facebook related news!

Let’s jump right in, and look at the latest exciting updates from the Social Media giant...

Paid Online Events (Spoiler alert: this is big!)

Video is king, and online events are an incredible opportunity to reach your followers in an authentic and engaging way. Facebook has now launched the ability for businesses, creators, educators and media publishers to earn money from online events on the platform! Page owners can create an online event, set a price, promote the event, collect payment and host the event, all in one place. With the Coronavirus pandemic shifting the way we look at events and gathering, this update is big news, especially for small businesses looking for an opportunity to connect with their existing audiences and customers, and reach new ones.

An owner of a Page can now host paid events on Facebook Live for trivia events, cooking classes, fitness classes, expert talks, live podcast recordings and more! There is no better time to take your business and it’s money-making ability online! Paid Facebook Lives are the perfect way to do this!

Try it out, and let us know how it goes! Join The Ezer Tribe Group to get in on the conversation!

Need a bit of guidance on using Facebook for your business? Join our Founder, Altimese, as she shares industry insight on the latest updates to the Facebook platform in an exclusive Facebook Business Fundamentals Live Event on Wednesday, September 16! You don’t want to miss this! Join here.

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