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5 Ways The Power of TikTok Will Improve Your Content Strategy

Debuted as a music platform known for lip-syncing and karaoke videos, is now an internationally recognized, short-video content platform, TikTok. Marketing as a self-serve advertising platform with the ability to generate engagement across a spectrum of different audiences, TikTok shouldn’t be taken lightly. Downloaded more than 1.65 billion times, referred to as “the “destination for short-form mobile videos.”,” and the sixth most popular social network, TikTok hit the digital market ready to engage.

A free form advertising platform, TikTok gives individuals the creative freedom similar platforms don’t. Designed to be simple and accessible, users have the ability to create content from a more direct point of view, along with access to an extensive library of interactive options, filters, sounds, themed content, challenges and more.

“TikTok has managed to create a distinctive social experience that values spontaneity, humor, and relatability above all else. It’s turned social media into pure social entertainment,”

Compatible to expired video platform Vine, and listed under the entertainment category, TikTok easily appeals to a more diverse demographic.

One of TikTok’s strategies is delivering instantaneous content, immediately capturing viewers’ attention. As soon as the app opens there’s a form of content already playing. TikTok also uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to make suggestions on new and similar content.

With the majority of content being uploaded by “amateurs”, it’s generally more candid or wholesome than mainstream content. It also gives a sneak-peek into “Underground” trends or undiscovered subcultures that haven't been exposed to the current pop culture sector.

Aesthetically a free form advertising platform, advertisers see TikTok as a self-serving ad platform. Users showcase their individuality and interpretation of the most current and relevant topics, trends, and what’s going on in the world around them.

In the digital world, competition is cut-throat. TikTok provides a variety of consumer insights and data that gives your business the ability to provide a genuinely unique customer-centric experience and stay consistently engaged with your audience.

With content being cultivated 24/7, social listening and audience engagement is a crucial part when deciding on content. Creating a personalized and transparent customer-centric experience is a crucial factor in any business campaign. To give you an idea of how to get the most out of TikTok, listed below are 6 ways to use the power of TikTok in your content strategy.

Branded hashtag challenges

Currently the most popular method among brands and consumers, users are encouraged to interact with the campaign by creating content centered around the theme of your campaign by using specific hashtags. Content is usually focused around a trending song or dance move, around 35% of users have actively participated in a hashtag challenge, which also makes up about 16% of the video content uploaded to the platform. The challenge hashtags appear in the trending section of the Discover tab. When users click on the challenge, they are taken to the challenge page and proceed from there.

Shoppable hashtag challenge

Almost as recent as it’s relaunch date, TikTok updated and added the challenge plus option. This feature allows you to embedded direct links to your store or product in the viewing content. Users will be directed to the designated landing page where they are greeted by the CTA.

Brand take-over ad

TikTok guarantees at least 5 million daily impressions, this 3-5 second bit of content (video, GIF, image, page links) is the first thing users will see when they open the app. Although only one advertiser a day can use this ad feature and it is priced on the higher side, your content is displayed on the top banner of the app and it does have a broad consumer reach. Since the impressions can be guaranteed, it could be a feasible campaign strategy to implement for a large and quick impact.

In-feed video ad

5-15 second promotional videos provided by TikTok. Similar to organic content users can like, and share the video or go directly to the advertiser’s profile. Even though the content isn’t the first thing viewers see, an estimated

Branded songs

There's a lot a simple jingle could do for your content. From audience interaction and engagement to creating contests, challenges, or sweepstakes. It can create the potential to become vital, or a catchy tune people remember, out of the blue and start singing.

Influencer partnerships

Like any platform, TikTok has it's macro and celebrity influencers, but it’s also great for finding influencers for specific themes, more products. Individuals may feel more comfortable and relatable posting reviews or products than on Youtube or Instagram.

Are you intrigued now? Give it a try and let us know the results!

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