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4 Reasons You Need Public Relations

Working in PR, we encounter several misconceptions on what that word really means. Some see PR as a "nice to have," and others see it as a "why have it at all." Hiring a publicist is an additional expense, but the benefits can be immense.

A good publicist on the side of your brand could make your campaigns look like gold, give you a heads up on upcoming business opportunities, and keep you from hitting dirty landmines that could take you years to clean up.

Here are four of the many reasons you would want a publicist on your team:

We Vet Opportunities For You.

As you're building your business, it will be inevitable that partnerships and collaborations will come your way. It's a great thing, but it can also be distracting from your No.1 goal, which is scaling your business. If you're not a PR wizard, it could take hours, sometimes days to properly research the upcoming opportunities that seem enticing at first glance. A publicist will not only breeze through this research process but also report back to you the pros and cons while handling all the nitty-gritty for you. Sounds nice, right?

We Always Focus on the Bigger Picture.

When running your business, it's easy to be so deep in the weeds that you forget to look up to see the beautiful forest around you. Another goal of your publicist is to speak to the amazing accolades and achievements of your company. You say you're not the boastful type? Great! Let your publicist brag on you to your industry, peers, and customers! It's a true bonus if you find a publicist that loves your brand! That passion will take this to a new level of power!

We Get a Thrill in Cleaning Your Mess.

Just call us an industry of Olivia Popes! When chaos takes over because of a bad review, a disgruntled employee or a social media post gone bad, PR will be to the rescue! SPOILER ALERT: most publicists rarely freak out in times of trouble. It goes against our honor code, the PR 101.

We stay cool under pressure. We will not only spot the issue but clear it, fine-tune your story, and protect your branding at all costs. Here's a reality: many people do not think of PR until they're in trouble. When you're in this place, you're a bit too late. Not only will you have to pay more for the services, but you may also find yourself waiting longer to have everything taken care of because your publicist will have to get up to speed with all the moving pieces in your situation.

Don't wait until you need a publicist. Have one on your team ahead of time.

We pitch your brand for additional exposure.

This is the most common point of entry for publicists, and it's also the easiest for us. Relationships are the backbone of the PR industry. Seasoned PR professionals have relationships that are rooted in years of foundation, mutual favors, and a lot of respect. If your PR professional doesn't have the contact Rolodex on FLEEK, don't fret! They know how to tell a story that will get your company in the door.

Respect this hustle. Pitching takes a long time. Depending on the campaign, it could take hours or days. Publicists are relentless and see no's as a "maybe next time." Follow-up is our middle name, and a headline or scheduled interview is our end game.

PR is not a luxury. It's a necessity that keeps all the intricate business details in order for the perfect opportunity for you to get in front of the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Ever wonder what all of this looks like when done right? Simply look at Beyonce's career, and the amazing publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, that keeps it all together.

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