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Our proof is in the data. 

When Team EZER Helps, Your Brand Wins. 


We're proud partners with the SCORE SC Lowcountry! Join us every quarter for engaging conversations that can help your business thrive!


Go to the SCORE SC Lowcountry Events for more information!

Reverend Al Sharpton

In partnership with Rock Inked Marketing and Harper Collins, The Ezer Agency HELPED secure African American Millennial and Gen Z influencers for the release of Rev. Al Sharpton's Book Rise Up! Confronting A Country at a Crossroads.


As pitched and secured social and corporate influencers while recommending his team connect with The Breakfast Club for an interview, which garnered 45K+ views (and growing).

La Femme 1 Sheet.png
La Femme 1 Sheet.png

Sister Diamonds, LLC

There is power in partnership and sisterhood! The Ezer Agency HELPS the amazing wonder twins, Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil, with social media! From the International Slumber Party, The SHE Brilliance Conference, to the Live Tweeting experience during Dr. Nicole's premiere of her show, Put A Ring on It, on OWN NETWORK, we HELP the mission of cultivating relationships and collectivism with Black women around the world.

The Silent Voices Project

EZER is very skilled and knowledgeable about branding. The team is also very hands-on and they love to help in every way possible. Your company is not just a number. You can definitely see the heart of EZER in every aspect of their work!

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LA Femme International Film Festival

Wow. Just wow... We reached one million people, with 37K website clicks to the website, and we now have PROOF that we are indeed an international festival. That data is so valuable to us.

Untitled design (68).png
Untitled design (68).png

Apple For The Day

As the owner of Apple for the Day, she (Founder, Altimese) and I collaborated on a few ideas and were able to help brainstorm future ideas for my company. Her enthusiasm re-energized me and has me wanting to do bigger and better for my business. I cannot wait to collaborate and partner with you! Thank you for everything!

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The proof is in our Results.

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