Many business owners treat social media content as an afterthought to their overall marketing and business strategy. This leaves social media managers scrambling for content or reactive to relevant content that aligns with customer’s needs. 


If your feel the pain of this problem, well, we have the perfect solution for you! The Ezer Agency's Social Content Planner is fantastic for the entrepreneurs or business owners having to do it all themselves and the social media managers that need more structure in their content planning. 


The content planner includes:

  • Full Monthly View 

  • Social Relevant Days and Hashtags to Remember with notable takeaways for the most prominent 

  • Paid Media Planner and tracker 

  • Blog Post Planner outlines

  • Community outreach schedule with notes

  • Extra Pages for Notes for each respective month 

  • Weekly calendar view 

  • Inspirational quotes from Women Business Warriors throughout the planner

The Ezer Agency Social Content Planner 2021