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Three Things You Should Know about IGTV

Did you know that it is projected that by the year 2021, over 80% of the Internet's content will be consumed through video content?

Community engagement is crucial to your business, but videos should begin to become your foundation for your content.

The infamous IGTV is a mystery to many brands, big and small! Trust me, you're not alone! It's the feature that everyone knows they should be using and still have no clue HOW to make it work for their brand.

Here are three things that may help you discover the possibilities of this platform feature:

1. IGTV is a Creators Platform for Long-form, Vertical Videos

I'm sure by now, you're tired of hearing the term "vertical video." Get used to it. It's now the "thing" that's here to stay, thanks to mobile consumption. The vertical video experience for a mobile user is totally different from a horizontal video. Here's a visual that will help you see the difference:

Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

The horizontal video leaves space on the screen of the device. Vertical video is a full-screen experience, which helps capture the attention of the user and creates an immersive experience.

2. Think of IGTV Differently From Instagram

Although IGTV lives within the Instagram platform, it's like a completely separate experience. It's as if Instagram created its own version of YouTube and put it in the Instagram platform so users could experience it with ease.

Here's a hint: that's precisely what's happening. IGTV is a creators tool for long-form content. YouTube is Google's platform for creators to create long-form content.

When creating IGTV videos, get creative and be thoughtful with your planned content. Test different length of videos and see what captures your audience the most.

3. Share Snippets to Your Instagram Timeline

This is a relatively new feature, but it's pretty impressive for driving traffic to your IGTV content. As you're publishing your content to go live on IGTV, choose the option to "Post a Preview," which will share a snippet of your video to your Instagram feed.

This is genius.

One of the biggest concerns with IGTV is shifting user behavior. How can I get my followers to watch my content on IGTV when they're not used to the feature? Give them a bite that's good enough to make them want more.

Curious to learn how we can help you maximize the use of IGTV, or want some guidance on building out a strategy that integrates with your current content plan? Contact us, and together, we will discover magic.

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